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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Rodeo/Equine photos section of my website.
Since 2005 I've been going to pretty much every event
I can get to. Hope you enjoy looking as much as I did taking.
If this is your first time here PLEASE at least read the page below.
It will probably answer most questions you may have and get you to see the photos.


Important! Important!

Yeah, the website is finicky. About two years ago something changed and people started to get
a slow script error and then about 6 months ago the email stopped working. It's a bit of a
pain but well worth it to get to see the photos. Here is how to get it done. Just takes a few seconds!

The photo section is flash based so trying to view it with a phone will not work. Google Chrome browser
doesn't like the website either. I recommend either Firefox or Internet Explorer. It's also slow to load
at first because of the script. Depending on the computer it may take up to 30-40 seconds for the pop-up
asking you about the script to come up. When it appears click "no". Firefox seems pretty consistent
in asking twice. Don't reload the page or you'll just be starting the whole process over.

Once you get past the slow script everything speeds way up and folders will appear on the left side
of the browser window. You'll want to click on the folder that has the year you want to look at and
then the subfolder containing the type of event, NPRA, etc. If you do place an order there will be
an error pop up right after you click the email order button. Ignore it.!!!!!!!!
It's caused by the email that used to go out to you and I not being sent. The order IS left on
on the server so you only need to order one time. I will take a look at the photos in your order when
I get home at the end of the day and send you an email confirming your order with payment information.
Like I said, a little bit of a pain but well worth it!
Hope that helps you to see the photos!

Here's a page that explains the ordering system.
It walks you through step by step and also lists prices so take a look!

Help page for ordering.

These proofs are full frame from the camera but will be cropped to
provide you with the best looking print that I can produce.

Don't forget to take a look around at all the photos
that are on the site and re-live those fond (or maybe not so fond) memories.

Hope to see you at the next rodeo!


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Remember that all photos on this site ARE copyrighted by me, Alex McCreary.
If you wouldn't walk into a store and take something without paying
for it, don't do it here. It's stealing. This is my store. Just because it's online
doesn't mean that it is free for the taking. And taking a snapshot with
a camera of your computer screen or scanning or copying a print
that I've sold you is all the same in the eyes of the law. My advise is "Don't do it".

Here's a link to a site about copyright for further information.

Reproducing Pictures, Photos, Photographs or Photography

And for those with time to kill, the link to the most relevant chapter at the

United States Copyright Office

If you actually read through the above link you might have noticed the penalty for
copyright violations is up to $150,000.... Per Photo. Just a thought to think about.

One last thing.... It is through your purchase of these photos that I'm able to stay
on the road going to all these events. Without your support I wouldn't be able to be there.
All Photos Copyright 2004-2011 A.R. McCreary.

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